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Jack, you don’t know Twitter! (Why having one account for multiple hotels sucks)

June 24, 2011 · Leave a Comment

More and more I notice that hotels operators are trying to consolidate their social media effort by establishing a single account on social networks. It seems easier, if you have limited staff (or your resources are otherwise stretched) to house all your activity under one stream. Now your social media person/marketing wizard only has to manage a single account for all your hotels, motels, hostels, resorts… you name it! Seeing how these are all similar products you can use the one single account to promote multiple destinations and your social contacts now only have to friend/like/follow you once. What’s not to love?

It sure beats having to manage several Facebook, Twitter and what have you accounts, but the benefits are quickly outstripped by the drawbacks once you sit down to think about it. Let’s start with why people follow you to begin with. (more…)

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@Hospitalitystat Twitter top 10

June 13, 2011 · Leave a Comment

As you know I have got this side project going on (, collecting interesting stats about how hotels use social media. I just used all that information to come up with the first ever “Hotel Twitter Top more than 10 less than a 100”. The results and full analysis are over this way!

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May 13, 2011 · Leave a Comment

That list of Twitter updates over to the right of what you are reading, is my attempt at collecting interesting stats on the “social hotel industry” (or: how the hotel industry is using social media). I am a geek and I automated most of it. Sometimes that goes wrong… It just did for TripAdvisor. The cobbled together stuff I use to grab information from TA went on the fritz. On my other site, I am explaining in just a bit more detail what the heck happened.

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RevPAR or RevPAT (Revenue Per Available Tweet)?

April 19, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Ok, I’ll admit the title is nothing if not totally misleading. But now that I have your attention, I want to talk about Twitter. You see, from a traditional marketing perspective Twitter may not at all be the “wunderkind” that some people have you believe.

Matter of fact, it may very well be the biggest waste of time in your marketing efforts. Research shows that only 29% of all tweets get a response in either a retweet (RT) or a reply. What’s more, of this 29 percent most all activity occurs in the first hour. In other words, if your tweet is more than an hour old, it might as well not exist.

You could say that not every tweet you write requires a reply or a RT, but it stands to reason that the lack of replies after that first hour is a direct result of how people use Twitter. They just don’t scroll back that far! Translation, you need a 1000 followers to reach 250 of them. All of a sudden your 100 followers don’t seem quite so impressive, do they?

Twitter is a broadcast medium, more so than any other social network. But it is a social network, and not the classifieds page. To keep people’s attention you need to offer something that is worth reading. Of course Twitter isn’t a complete waste of time (like I said above) but you have to be really careful not to be a waste of time. So if every 2nd or 3rd tweet you write goes something like “When you are in Savannah, why not stay with us?” (provided of course your hotel is in Savannah) you are not going to get much out of Twitter.

I once heard a hotelier say that tweeps (twitter users) follow hotels because they want to be kept up-to-date on good hotel deals. Really? The only way that Twitter will work for you is if you can clearly define the marketing goal that you expect from Twitter. Do you know what your Twitter=ROI is?

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