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Jeroen & Indigo

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This blog updates you about the use of social media and tech in the hospitality industry. Meanwhile you can also find a good dose of unabashed opinion on everything travel.

My name is Jeroen Schouten. My friends call me Jay. There is a reason for that! Jeroen Schouten is hard to remember, near impossible to spell from memory and no person who isn’t a Dutch native can pronounce it correctly. I am OK with that.

I am the Chief Technical Officer for a company providing revenue management services to the hospitality industry. While I am a tech guy, my 8+ years of experience with the hotel world has given me a unique insight (as well as heaps of experience) in revenue management & marketing.

As a tech person, I am an early adopter. I have been on the Internet before most people realized it existed (it wasn’t as pretty back then), started podcasting in early 2005 and currently operate more than five web sites ( is my latest endeavor).

I am a social media junkie. I hate the word expert because nobody can be an expert in all aspects of such a vast digital wasteland.  I have given several presentations (on the stuff I do know) at several conferences and I am available for more. So if I am not an expert, then what am I doing here? I like to consider myself a pundit!

I was born and raised in Amsterdam and currently live in Australia with my lovely wife, daughter, four three four again cats and one dog.